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“Green” Building

GREEN BUILDING Our firm helps YOU incorporate environmentally conscious principles into your design. Sustainable architectural design can create homes and commercial buildings that use fewer materials and create less waste during construction and require far less energy to operate over the life of the structure. Our approach is to first understand your goals for sustainability and then educate YOU on the complete range of products and technologies that are currently available. We can determinate that any approach would cost and that it would return to YOU the owner.

We have experience with a variety of the technologies and design approaches including:

SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) Systems–solar electric systems are a proven technology that can reduce your long–term energy costs. By incorporating them in the design phase, we can recommend site–specific solutions to maximize output while maintaining your building's aesthetics. We can advise YOU of local, State and federal programs that may make solar electric even more affordable.

ADVANCED ENERGY EFFICIENCY From radiant roof and ceiling barners to the latest in blown–in insulation, We understand and how to create the proper building envelope that allows for circulation but reduces unnecessary heating and cooling costs as well as unwanted noise.

SOLAR AND TANKLESS HOTWATER SYSTEMS YOU have many options today to meat water for more efficiently than in the past– and without exceeding the costs YOU would pay for a conventional system. Both thankless and solar water heaters are an ideal way for any building to operate as efficiently as possible.

CONSERVATION AND HEALTH MINDED MATERIAL SELECTIONS Today, there is a range of materials used in construction that have less impact on the environment and create more healthy indoor spaces, all without sacrificing quality while many builders are hesitant to use any new technique or material, We can guide both them and YOU on choices that create long term value and are sustainable over time. From reclaimed to formaldehyde–free engineered wood, to hypo–allergenic HVAC systems to low or no VOC paints, We can help YOU create a model green home and building.

RAIN WATER HARVESTING Rain water collection systems are once part of many Americans homes. With the rise in urbanization in the 20TH Century, these systems fell from widespread use but today, rain water collection can be an important way to reduce utility costs and help YOU maintain better, healthier landscapes. We can provide YOU with cost–effective options that fit your site and our local climate

GEO–THERMAL HEATING AND COOLING The natural thermal properties of the earth can be tapped to efficiently heat and cool your home. This technology is now several generations old and is a reliable way to lower utility costs. While reducing your home or building's carbon footprint geo–thermal systems qualify for some federal tax incentives. We can help YOU understand how these systems work and the financial advantages they can bring.

GREY WATER SYSTEMS Grey water systems allow YOU to collect and treat on site uncontaminated waste water (like from washer, dishwashers and the kitchen sink). These systems reduce your home or building's environmental footprint and in some cases can be used for onsite irrigation of landscapes.

LOW MAINTENANCE LANDSCAPE DESIGN Our landscape design combine natural beauty with function sustainability we'll work with to create the outdoor space YOU want providing visual harmony that will enhance the value of your home or business. Our law and yard care professionals can maintain your grounds throughout the seasons, protecting your investment and insuring YOU can enjoy your outdoor area all year long.

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