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# MRSA 661

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JAIME'S CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LLC. Specializes in the Restoration of Water, Mold, Wind, and Fire damaged Homes and Buildings. These uncontrollable effects are devastating to your Home or Building and can have dramatic and long term adverse effects if not properly managed. We will work closely with your Insurance Claims Adjuster to expedite the Estimate, and initiate the Restoration process.

WATER DAMAGE: Water intrusion and Flooding can be a serious problem regardless of the source. Water intrusion can be from a leaking pipe, Roof leak, window/door leak, over–flowing toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine, bursting water heater, wind destruction, or in the event of a fire, the Water used to fight the fire. Water is capable of devastating the entire Structure and its contents. It is imperative that an immediate response be taken to reduce the progressive growth levels of micro–organisms. Our trained, Certified, Licensed, and experienced professionals can stabilize, manage, and restore even the biggest mess created by such an event, and restore your home or Building to its pre–loss condition.

MOLD: Microbial contamination of building materials and buildings contents can have adverse affects on the structure of a building and adverse effects on the health of the occupants of the building. Often, and owner will attempt to “clean up” a “small leak” such as refrigerator icemaker line leak, tub overflow, toilet overflow, etc., and the hidden effects of the long term trapped water in the building cavities notable to be “clean up” by the owner, leads to further damage, microbial growth, and even a degradation of the indoor air quality of the home, and health effects of the occupants. The first step in a successful mold remediation project is to make sure that the source of the moisture intrusion has been properly identified and correct. Our trained, certified, licensed and experienced professionals can stabilize and manage any size mold event, and restore your home or building to its pre–loss condition.

WIND/ HURRACANE DAMAGE: The intense affects of the potential high winds the affect South Florida, can have huge impacts on integrity of homes and buildings in our area. As licensed and experienced General Contractors, We can stabilize the structure and indoor environment to further minimize any further affects to the home or building by the wind created defect. Our experts are prepared to handle whatever damage is left behind, whether the wind is accompanied by lightning, heavy rain, or wind driven projectiles. We are experienced in restoring your home or building inside and out, to the quality and detail that YOU would expect.

FIRE DAMAGE: One of the most emotionally and physically devastating events that could occur to your home or building is Fire damage. But the Fire isn't the only thing that causes the destruction. It is also the smoke and accompanying water firefighters used to fight the blaze that can be a real problem. Our Certified staff is trained, licensed and experienced in the stabilization, mitigation, restoration and reconstruction of the damaged caused by fire, smoke and associated water.

As in all of the damage associated with the disasters of fire, water, and mold our team of architects, structural engineers, interiors designers, and indoor air quality professionalism, tradition of excellence and impeccable reputation, which has been built on three Guiding Principles: Quality, Integrity and Credibility, is un–matched in our Industry.

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